Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2017 Bring in the New Year!!!!!

While Grandpa and I were in Hawaii for New Years and we were so worried and tired and wondering how we were going to come home and put things away ........ these elves were hard at work. Oh, how I cried when I saw that they had cleaned our house and put it all away. I was glad we had at least put the trees away before we left. Thank you - Thank you little elves from the bottom of our heart. You will never ever know just how much this meant to us. You are all the BEST! Love you!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas with Hardy's....Family pictures.... Good - Bye 2016

Fun Fun Fun when the Hardy's come a day after Christmas
The four big boys rule
Kiki is with us to celebrate too
Oh, I love this
Halle gets a new towel with Elsa hair - Yahhhhh
Oh, so much fun

We played some awesome games but they are on video and I can't put them on. We laughed and laughed at everyone trying to unwind the tape ball. Allen came out the big winner.
Then we had an exchange gifts and it was so funny to see the kids trying to change with each other on the sly
Are Kale and Allen praying that it is time to go home soon?
The King is in..... and tired
Poor Dax does not feel good at all. He has a fever and we are supposed to be getting ready for family pictures. Is he going to make it?
Shae and Stef at Pizza 49
 Addi & Brin best buds
Yah, this is our treat for having our pictures taken
We all rock!!
We were just so glad to get everyone together for pictures
We cannot believe that we actually got them all here and had pictures taken
Norton Family
 Norton grandkids
Eric and kids
Brady and kids
The Christmas party is over until we see you in the summer
Take Care
We love you
Aloha until later
The boys
The girls
We had a lay over and miss Kuulei did not feel well at all.
When she got back on the plane, she threw up the rest of the trip until we got to Hawaii.
We went through a few throw up bags
I just held her on my lap the rest of the trip. I felt so bad for her
Can we go now????? Please!
We dropped the kids off to Kaahu and went to Ko 'olina for a few days to rest and relax

Do we look a little tired???
Beautiful place to stay

Good - bye Hawaii until next time

We got to see them one more time until we left.
Kalani took us to the skate park to show us how he skates.
He is amazing on a skate board
See you in the summer you cute girls